Formula Student Czech Republic


Public days

Visitors can enter the event site between Wednesday (2024-08-07) and Saturday (2024-08-10).


Visitors can buy tickets at the entrance. It is possible to pay only in cash. A ticket costs 5 EUR / 100 Kč and it’s valid from Wednesday to Saturday. The ticket has a form of a wristband and is valid as long as the visitor wears it. Kids 12 and under are admitted free of charge. It is not possible to enter the campsite with this ticket.

Please be aware that this event will be documented using video and photography

The material will be used solely to make the event more open and understandable to the public.
In legal terms: By participating in this event, you (the visitor/participant), have given the right for the organizers to send or receive image or video media of yourself, without either party owing special compensation. The organizer is allowed to release this image or video media themselves or forward it to a third party to release for use in audio-visual, print, and online media.