Formula Student Czech Republic
Handbook 2024 – General Info

Handbook 2024 – General Info

General Info

On-site Registration procedure
On-demand documents


Rules addendum
FSCZ specific addendum to the FSG rules


Engineering Design
Business Plan Presentation
Cost & Manufacturing

Technical Inspection

Important Points
Technical Inspection Management
Technical Inspection Rules
Datalogger Specification


Handy Places

  • 2024-01-07: Publication v1.0
  • 2024-07-03: Add info about Accumulator inspection/charging area pass


Minor Injury

Accompany the injured person to the medics or ask Officials (wearing grey t-shirts), they will handle the situation.

Severe Injury

Call 112 and contact Officials when urgent help is required.

Medical Service on Site
DayOperating hours
Monday 5. 8.8:00 – 20:00
Tuesday 6. 8.8:00 – 20:00
Wednesday 7. 8.8:00 – 20:00
Thursday 8. 8.8:00 – 20:00
Friday 9. 8.8:00 – 20:00
Saturday 10. 88:00 – 20:00


Nearby Hospital with Emergency (24h)

Hospital Most
E. Purkyně 270
434 64 Most

Please report all injury situations to the Officials at Info Point!


Regular Fire
  • Call for help before attempting to extinguish a serious fire.
  • Check for your own safety before starting to extinguish a fire.
  • Assess the fire.
  • Check the type of extinguisher.
    • Class A: All solid materials, usually of organic origin nature (contains compounds of carbon) and generally produce glowing embers – i.e. wood, textiles, curtains furniture, and plastics.
    • Class B: All flammable liquids and solids.
    • Class C: Fires involve Natural Mains Gas, Liquid Petroleum Gases (LPG) such as Butane & Propane etc.
    • Class D: Fires involving metals or powdered metals, etc (where water is generally ineffective and/or dangerous)
  • Ready the fire extinguisher.
  • Aim for the base of the fire.
  • Extinguish the fire
Fire of Electric Devices

Electrical fires are not considered to constitute a fire class on their own, as electricity is a source of ignition that will feed the fire until removed.

  • Call for the help of firefighters by finding an Official with a radio.
  • Assist persons in danger of fire to leave if it is safe for you. Try to extinguish the fire with suitable extinguishers if it is possible and safe.
  • Leave the area.
  • Wait for the firefighters/ambulance to arrive. If you are in the hidden area, assist them to find you (i.e. send somebody to the entrance gate).
Fire of Accumulator
  • All team members have to leave the space of Accumulator fire immediately
  • Officials have to be informed about the situation immediately
  • No team member is allowed to extinguish the fire
  • Team members at a reasonable distance from the fire are allowed to move away the stuff and leave the space immediately
  • Only firemen or officials are allowed to extinguish the fire


In relation to the event organized by the Formula Student Czech Republic s.r.o. (FSCZ) your personal data, including your name, contact details, and administrative information are collected to facilitate your participation in the event, to implement organizational arrangements, and your entry to the venue.

During the event, you may be photographed or filmed. Having requested your consent by written or oral statement, the FSCZ may disclose, publish, transmit, or quote such material in activities intended for the public.

You can withdraw consent at any time and object to the processing indicating it to the organisers. The FSCZ processes personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725.


Competition Dates and Place

FSCZ 2024 will be held from Monday 5th until Saturday 10th of August 2024, at the Polygon Most in Most, The Czech Republic.

Event Registration

For the 2024 event, there will be a maximum of 70 slots open.

In case any registered CV or EV team will have autonomous functions integrated, it will have the option to register also in the Optional Driverless Cup and participate in DV dynamic events, and present its Autonomous Functionality Engineering Design. Yes, this means a team can win the CV/EV category and the Optional DV Cup. Or any team can compete in CV/EV while not having autonomous functions in a vehicle on the other hand.

Up to 20 slots of a total of 70 can be used for participation in the Optional DV Cup, but any registered team from CV or EV category can apply for it. The list of Optional DV Cup participants will be closed on the 5th of July considering the position of a team on the Registered List and its DV abilities demonstrated by the Vehicle Status Video.

Event registration will take place on January 26th at 3:00 pm (CET) on It will consist of the Rules and an engineering quiz. The team captain, who will be the only one eligible to participate, must complete all questions correctly to be registered.

Teams are sorted according to the quiz completion time to the “Pending” and “Waiting” Lists. To move from the “Pending” to the “Registered” list is necessary to pay the registration fee.

The TOP 3 teams from the 2023 Event and Czech teams have their slots for the 2024 Event pre-registered, thus do not need to take part in the Quiz. We ask these teams to confirm their interest before January 26th by emailing:

Pre-Registered Teams – Winners 2023
  • PRz Racing Team
  • UniNa Corse – Squadra Corse Federico II
  • CTU CarTech (eForce Prague Formula)
  • WHZ Racing Team
  • TU Brno Racing
  • FaSTTUBe
  • Fast Forest
  • TU Darmstadt Racing Team (EV)
Pre-Registered Teams – Czech Teams
  • CULS Prague Formula Racing
  • Formula TU Ostrava
  • FS TUL Racing
  • UWB Racing Pilsen
Wildcard slots

Up to five slots, independent of class, will be available as “Wild card” slots. Kate will assign wild card slots based on the Cover Letter which has to be submitted before January 19th by emailing: The Cover Letter should contain a few sentences about why you want to participate in FS Czech 2024. The results will be published January 21st, in case you are selected, please confirm interest before January 26th by emailing:

  1. Participate in event registration (online)
  • Create a user account on and apply for team participation (Team Captain approves it). In case there is not your team listed, create it. You become its Team Captain automatically. Your role is listed in your profile after login (top right corner).
  • The event registration link will be displayed on January 26th at 12:00 am (CET) under the tab Event → Registration.
  • Pass the registration quiz by answering all questions correctly.
  • In case your team will get on the list of registered teams in any category, you are allowed to apply for participation in Optional DV Cup
  1. Pay the Fee or Deposit
  • Wire transfer instructions are emailed by the at the moment of the Quiz completion with information about the team’s position.
  • Team on the Pending List
    • Registration Fee of 2 000 EUR (excl. 21% tax) must be paid or a wire transfer, confirmation must be provided (to before January 31st for participation in the CV or EV.
    • Participation in the Optional DV Cup is charged 500 EUR (excl. 21% tax) and must be paid or a wire transfer, confirmation must be provided (to before July 12th.
  • Team on the Waiting List
    • Registration Deposit of 1 000 EUR (excl. 21% tax) must be paid or a wire transfer, confirmation provided (to before January 31st.
      • Registration Deposit is fully refundable under the following conditions:
        • The team will not move to the Registered List three weeks before the Event.
        • The team will actively withdraw no later than three weeks before the Event.
      • Deposit is NOT refundable under the following conditions:
        • The team on the Waiting List rejects the offered position on the Registered List.
FSG registration (Shared documents with other European FS events)

ASF, ESF, SES, SESA & SE3D and IAD must be submitted through the FSG website. Teams who will participate at FS Czech, but not FSG, also need to register their team on the FSG website. Registration for the end of the FSG waiting list is sufficient and no payment to FSG is required.

Refund Policy
  • In case the organizer cancels the event on any date before June 1st 2024, registration fees, campsite fees and deposits are 100% refundable.
  • In case the organizer cancels the event on any date after June 1st 2024, registration fees, campsite fees and deposits are 70% refundable.
  • In case a team cancels their participation for any reason, at any date, registration fees are not refundable.

On-Site registration procedure

  • The Team Captain accompanied by drivers and ESO/ASR (in the case of the EV/DV team) starts the process by entering the Registration Desk.
  • Every ESO has to present his/her signed Affidavit about ESOQ (
  • Approval of the Team Member List allows to register drivers and ESO/ASR.
    • Drivers must show their valid driver‘s license.
    • ESO/ASR must show a valid certificate and signed Affidavit
  • Team captain must fill up to two cell phone contacts, which will be used as an official communication channel in case of unexpected changes or important notices.
  • The team must pay the Pit Deposit 20 EUR, which will be returned after pit check-out on Saturday (18:00 – 20:30). Please see section Paddock Rules for details.
  • The team must pay the Dynamics and Accumulator inspection/charging area Pass Deposit 20 EUR, which will be refundable on Saturday (14:00 – 20:30) if all 4 Dynamic Passes, 2 Accumulator inspection/charging area passes and ESO/ASR Badges are returned at the Info Point.
  • EV/DV teams will pick up the Data Logger after successfully passing the Accumulator Inspection at Info Point. It is protected by a 300 EUR deposit. The Data Logger must be returned before Saturday 10.8. 19:00 at the Info Point.
  • Audio and video recordings throughout the event in the Dynamic Area can be taken only with a Media Pass. It is available for 20 EUR deposit and each Media Pass is limited to one per Team. The Media Pass consists of one FSCzech vest and one Media Badge. The vest must be returned before Saturday 10.8. 20:30 at the Info Point.
Late Arrivals

Later arrival of the team member is allowed, but they must be registered by the Team Captain during operating hours. The Team Captain is responsible then to pass the badge and wristband to the involved person. The same applies to camp registration.

On-Site Registration Operating Hours
DayOperating hours
Monday 5. 8.8 am – 12 am (ODV cup only), 1 pm – 8 pm
Tuesday 6. 8.8 am – 12am
Camp Registration

Teams willing to stay at the campsite must pay for their team members at the Camp Desk or in advance. The price is 90 EUR (excl. 15% tax) per person for the whole event. Please note that payment on site can be made only in cash and the nearest ATM or exchange office is in the city Most (not in the venue). Payments on the basis of Pro-forma invoices are preferred – please ask invoice before the event on, no later than one-week prior event. The campsite can be taken by teams starting on Monday 5. 8., 8 am. Showers will be available on Monday from 12 am.

Camp Check-in Availability

DayOperating hours
Monday 5. 8.8 am – 12 am (ODV cup only), 1 pm – 8 pm
Tuesday 6. 8.8 am – 12am

In case of need, you can ask us for an alternative check-in time.

Latest Check-out: Sunday 11. 8. till 12 am

  • Cars are allowed to park in front of the Paddock for the time (max. 2 hours) of unloading and loading only. The car must be designated with the Unload/Load permission card. The Unload/Load permission card is available at the Registration Desk during Registration and is strictly limited to one card per Team. The permission card is transferable between vehicles after exiting the venue.
  • Long-time parking is allowed in the campsite for passenger cars and small vans only.
  • To unload/load your team members and supplies (food, …) during the whole event, you can go to PickUp Point (7:20 am – 8:00, 12:00 – 13:00 pm, 20:00 pm – 20:40 pm). Your vehicle must be accompanied by the PickUp Point permission card which you can get at the Registration Desk during Registration. The PickUp Point permission card is strictly limited to one card per Team.
  • Parking of the trucks must be agreed on at the Info Point/Registration Desk. Let us know before the event if you bring a truck with you.
Truck Unloading/Loading

The forklift will be available on-site for truck crate unloading (from Monday 7.8. 7:30) and loading (until Sunday 10.8. 12:00). Its load capacity is 1,5 tons. Please note that full load capacity is limited by the length of the forks and decreases with the position of the crate‘s COG distance from the tip of the forks. The approximate load capacity of 1m in front of the fork tip is 1 ton. Please plan the distribution of the weight according to that. Your crate should also be robust to withstand manipulation.

If you wish to use the service of our forklift, please arrange a term with us to avoid a long waiting time

First Access

Only one car per team (having Team Captain aboard) is allowed to park in the vicinity of the entrance for the purposes of on-site registration. Other team cars must wait until Team Captain finishes registration on the parking and will be allowed to enter the venue with wristbands only (after successful registration).

On-demand documents

Invitation letter

If you require an invitation letter, kindly reach out to us before July 5th at Please include the necessary details to be incorporated into it. Upon receiving your request, we will dispatch the document to you within one week.

Certificate of attendance

Confirmation of participation can only be received by team members who participated in the Formula Student Czech Republic 2024 event.

If you require a certificate of attendance, kindly reach out to us after the event at Upon receiving your request, we will dispatch the document to you within one month.


Public days

Visitors can enter the event site between Wednesday (2024-08-07) and Saturday (2024-08-10).


Visitors can buy ticket at the entrance. It is possible to pay only in cash. A ticket costs 5 EUR / 100 Kč and it’s valid from Wednesday to Saturday. The ticket has form of a wristband and is valid as long as the visitor wears it. Kids 12 and under are admitted free of charge. It is not possible to enter the campsite with this ticket.

Please be aware that this event will be documented using video and photography

The material will be used solely to make the event more open and understandable to the public.

In legal terms: By participating in this event, you (the visitor/participant), have given the right for the organizers to send or receive image or video media of yourself, without either party owing special compensation. The organizer is allowed to release this image or video media themselves or forward it to a third party to release for use in audio-visual, print, and online media.


Penalized actions
ActionAction Penalty *
Wearing open shoes in designated areas (outside the campsite area)5
Power tool usage outside designated area25
Welding outside designated area25
Engine / E-motor running outside designated areaTeam disqualification
Alcohol ** / smoking outside designated areas100
Driving scooter in any area25
Too many members in the Dynamic Area10
Media Pass holder assisting a team in the Dynamic Area10
Registering for technical inspection without being ready10
EV accumulator inside the vehicle during paddock closeout25
EV vehilce / EV accumulator outside the Event SiteTeam disqualification

* If repeatedly violated, the penalty is doubled every time.

** If any team member is tested with an alcohol level higher than 0.0 ‰, he or she will be immediately disqualified for the rest of the competition. A second team member is found to have an alcohol level higher than 0.0 ‰ will result in the entire team being disqualified immediately.


Results Publishing

The results will be posted on the results board at the Info Point as soon as they are available. Furthermore, they will be published online on the FS Czech website.

Expected Date & time of result publishing (without top 3 / finalists names)

Friday11 amEngineering Design
Friday11 amBusiness Plan Presentation
Friday11 amCost & Manufacturing
Saturday7:30 amEndurance running order
Saturday11 amAcceleration
Saturday11 amSkid Pad
Saturday11 amAutocross
Saturday12 pm (online)Endurance, Fuel Economy, Energy Efficiency

Required Review: Any team that intends to protest a rule, score, judge’s decision or any other aspect of the competition, must present the issue to the FSCzech Officials. Please contact Info Point, they will arrange a meeting with a representative.

  • Cause for Protest: A team may protest any rule interpretation, score, or official action (unless specifically excluded from protest) that they feel has caused some actual, non-trivial, harm to their team, or has had a substantive effect on their score. Teams may not protest rule interpretations or actions that have not caused them any substantive damage.
  • Protest Period: Protests must be filed within one hour after the action being protested has occurred or the scores for the activity involving the protest subject are posted.
  • Protest Format: Protests must be handed in in written form and submitted by the team captain to Info Point.
  • Protest Bond: The protesting team must post a 25 points bond to be deducted from their score if the protest is denied.
  • Decision: The decision of the officials regarding any protest is final.