Formula Student Czech Republic


FSG websiteIAD, SES, SE3D, SESAMarch 15 13:00 CET
FSG websiteESF, ASFMarch 29 13:00 CET
FSCZ PortalHSDMarch 29 13:00 CET
FSCZ PortalBPPVMay 24 13:00 CEST
FSCZ PortalDSS1, EDR, ADR2May 31 13:00 CEST
FSCZ PortalASRQ, ESOQJune 21 13:00 CEST
FSCZ Portal VSVJuly 5 13:00 CEST
FSCZ PortalCRD3July 16 13:00 CEST
FSCZ PortalTMDJuly 19 13:00 CEST
Some of these details might be subject to change to react to changes and requirements by other events in the FSAE series!

ASF, ESF, SES, SESA & SE3D and IAD must be submitted through the FSG website. Teams who will participate at FS Czech, but not FSG, also need to register their team on the FSG website. Registration for the end of the FSG waiting list is sufficient and no payment to FSG is required.

1) For DSS documents use the FSG form and export it to the PDF, which uploads to the

2) Autonomous Design Report (ADR): The ADR should contain a description of the autonomous system design used by the team. Any information to scope, explain, or highlight design features, concepts, methods or objectives to express the value and performance of the autonomous system to the judges shall be included at the team’s discretion. The ADR must not exceed five pages of content (text, which may include pictures and graphs).

3) The CRD must include the BOM (including DBOM and CBOM), the Cost Explanation File and the Supporting Material. To create BOM documents use the FSG tool and export the result to the PDF, which uploads to the