Minor Rules Addendum changes focusing on the Dynamic Events has been released.

23rd July 2017 | Event 2017 Rules Addendum

The FSCzech 2017 Event Handbook has been updated to version 1.2.

2ns July 2017 | Event 2017 Handbook

The FSCzech 2017 Event Handbook has been released.

23rd June 2017 | Event 2017 Handbook

The FSCzech 2017 Rules Addendum has been released. It mainly covers the Static Events.

31st March 2017 | Event 2017 Rules Addendum

The registration for FSCzech 2017 just finished. Congratulations to the registered teams!!! From our experience, approx. 10% of the teams on the waiting list will get their opportunity to move on the starting list. So, keep in touch and follow the conditions to participate! See you in the summer!

20th January 2017 | Event 2017 Registration

Date for the Event 2017 has been set to August 1st to 5th.

6th October 2016 | Event 2017 Date

The Event Handbook has been updated to version 1.3. Schedule of Statics modified.

31st July 2016 | Event 2016 Handbook

The Event Handbook for 2016 has been released, please read it here and stay tuned for updates.

17th July 2016 | Event 2016 Handbook

Registration for the upcoming event was finished today. All places were filled. Congrats to all! Check start list here.

17th February 2016 | Event 2016 Registration

Dear teams, we have to apologise for the technical error on the side of our hosting provider. The registration is closed now and will open again on February 17th at 12:00CET. Thanks for understanding.

15th February 2016 | Event 2016 Registration

The top three FSC and FSE teams from 2015 have their places in the Event 2016 pre-registered (no necessity to pass quiz). Please let us know, if you will accept it (before February 10th).

20th January 2016 | Event 2016 Registration

Please make your team an account on the sign-up page, before the Event Registration - it will be online.

19th January 2016 | Team Account

Formula Student Czech Republic 2016 registration will be held on February 15th at 12:00 CET.

10th January 2016 | Event 2016 Registration

Formula Student Czech Republic is now listed in the World Ranking List including the event 2015. Check your results.

3rd January 2016 | World Ranking List

Save the date! Formula Student Czech Republic 2016 will be held on August 2nd to 6th.

23rd September 2015 | Event 2016

About Formula Student Czech Republic

Formula Student is the international engineering competition with it's origin in the Formula SAE (1972, USA). It is focused on the evolution of education and experience of students by unique task assignment: Build a race car!


Only students are allowed to work for the team, but they can consult their problems with professionals from industry or academic field.


Classes for cars powered by combustion engine (Formula Student Combustion) and purely by electric powertrain (Formula Student Electric) are established.

Other Events

Other European events are FSG (Germany), FSUK (United Kingdom), FSATA (Italy), FSH (Hungary), FSA (Austria) and FSS (Spain).            


Teams are competing in the Static and Dynamic disciplines.

Business Plan Presentation

Get an investor! Present the team's plan to start a business based on the team's car.

Cost & Manufacturing

Evaluation of the car's price and effectivity of manufacturing technologies used.


Evaluation of the design and build quality, knowledge and effectivity.


Two attempts of acceleration on the 75m tracks.


Run on the specific 8 like shape track. Two circles on the left, two on the right and out.


Best time of two, separately run laps on the technical track with approx. length of 1km.


Last Dynamic discipline on the track. Lap race wit total length approx. 22km run by two drivers who change in the half of the race.


Fuel or Energy consumption in the Endurance is measured. The most efficient car wins up to 75 points.

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