Formula Student

Czech Republic 2023

August 7-12


Open team slots

Vehicle categories + Optional DV Cup


Traditional Formula Student event
on the test track of Autodrome Most,
with popular and challenging uphill section.


Event is scheduled on August 7 - 12 2023 with registration on January 27 at 3pm CET.


Formula Student Rules 2023 including new hybridization options for CV according to the FS CV Hybrid Rules 2023. With driverless options in CV and EV. Event Handbook. .


All FS categories will be opened. 20 slots for CV and 40 slots for EV with DV Optional Cup will be open.


Registration fee is 1700€ (excl. 21% VAT), to be paid on the basis of pro-forma (or final) invoice by wire transfer. To follow European events agreement, all registration fees should be paid (or confirmations of payment sent) before February 3.


Prize money and reserved slots for future event in all categories.


Located inside the area of the circuit with capacity for all teams. It will be equipped with: water, hot & cold water showers, electricity (bring the extension wire) and toilets.

Why ruleset 2023?

We believe all teams should face the same scoring principles and there should not be benefits in scoring arising from vehicle concept options (DV option). Therefore DV will be run and scored as standalone category. This means CV and EV teams will race in corresponding categories. In case these CV or EV teams will have autonomous functions integrated, they will have an option to run certain dynamic events autonomously, present their Autonomous Functionality Engineering Design and thus compete for DV trophy. Yes, this means a team can win CV/EV trophy and DV trophy or a team can win CV/EV trophy while not having autonomous functions in a vehicle.

News and FAQ

Make your user profile on and select team you belong to. In case team is not listed, create one (you automaticaly become its Team Captain). Team Captain will be able to go through registration process starting January 27 3pm CET.
Polygon Most has great tracks for FS Events and we build both paddock and camp site inside it. Paddock is made from mobile hall, providing 5x5m to each team and 230V AC. Camp site is about 3 minutes walk distant and provides toilets, showers and dish-washing facilities. Water is potable in all locations.