Basic Info


Event is scheduled on August 2nd - 5th 2017.


Test track of the Autodrom Most


Class 1 for both FSC and FSE are opened with a up to 50 (36 for the FSC and 14 for the FSE) teams in total.


The winner of the class 1C and 1E wins the Formula Student Czech Republic Trophy and the overall winner 1200€ prize money.


Pits are created under a large tent hall on the asphalt track and equipped with electricity.

Event Handbook

Last version available here.


Located inside the area of the circuit with capacity for all teams. It will equipped by: water, hot & cold water showers in the 5min walk distance, electricity (bring the extension wire) and toilets. Check-in will be possible starting Tuesday (12:00-21:00), latest check-out on Sunday (11:00).


Registration will open on January 18th 2017 12:00CET.

Start your registration by login to your team's account created on the sign-up page. You can login on every page by the login button located in the bottom right corner (footer). You will be forwarded to your account on successful login. You can see the countdown until the registration open time there. A new button will apear at 12:00CET. Clicking it forwards you to the quiz, containing 10 questions with possibility to submit every 30 seconds. The quiz shows amount of correct answers on submit. If all answers are correct, your team's data are stored in the database and you are informed about the position in the registration list and submission time (it will look like this).

Pre-registration will be open to Czech FSC newcoming teams in order to support growth of the FS community in the Czech Republic. One starting slot is reserved for such team.

When the results will be showed? To lower server's load on the php scripts execution, the results will be shown here at 13:00CET. Please consider the number showed during your successful online registration as informational, there could be minor changes due to the email answers incoming.

Create Team's Account

A possibility to create an account is already open. An account will serve for document upload and other communication with organizers.

Pay Fee

The registration fee is 1200 € (excl. 21% VAT) and covers participation of the team with unlimited member count.

Pass Quiz

Simple quiz containing the Formula Student 2017 Rules and basic engineering question will be displayed at 12:00 CET. The team must pass it to register and teams are sorted by the time of completion into the Registered Team List.

Keep in touch

Every registered or waiting team have to submit a set of mandatory documents. Keeping this in mind is important to avoid penalties or withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have your account set, login (at best using Chrome browser) to it. You will see a Register button after successful login at your page on January 18th. This button will be enabled at 12:00 CET and forward you to the quiz. The quiz will contain 10 questions and can be submitted every 30 seconds. It will show you amount of correct answers after submission. Please keep in mind, you will be allowed to use one login only during registration (session is locked for the ID currently logged-in with timeout 10 minutes), thus don't close the browser buring the process or you will have to wait for the timeout to perform the new login.

Registered Teams in the Class 1C

Waiting List of the Class 1C

Registered Teams in the Class 1E

Waiting List of the Class 1E

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